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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Web Design From Scratch - Great Digg!

If your like this guy (er, monkey) struggling to create your own website, there's no longer any reason to fret.

Web Design From Scratch
found its way to Digg's front page this afternoon. And with good reason. It's a very well done site (much like a "for Dummies" book) by a successful web developer/designer - Ben Hunt. Everything is completely free (there aren't any catches, for all you skeptics out there). I perused my way through the site this afternoon, and I think my favorite section was the "Business of Web design." But, Ben has a section for virtually everyone: graphic design, site architechture, CSS and even learning HTML (for all the old-schoolers out there). So go find your own!

Digg readers seem to agree, Ben's site is a hit:

"This is actually a very clean and clear website that seems to hold true to the information he presents. It actually provides useful information in an easy to read manner. It's easy to navigate and has a natural flow. It's not a blog, which is a HUGE plus. It's also not full of egocentric fluff, ala most most blogs. There is nothing earth-shattering about the design or infomation, but is very cohesive in structure and content. The ideas presented are an amalgam of information I've seen on some pretty awfully-design websites. I'm diggin it."

True That.

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Firefox Rules as King of the Browsers

"Browsing for Browsers" made it's way to Digg's homepage today. It's a pretty neat, and as far as I know the only, site that breaks down the various internet browsers available today. And, as we all know, Firefox comes out on top. The competitors were Internet Explorer 6, Opera, Netscape and IE7 (which is still in developer testing).

Most Digg users, who I might add are (as a entity) quite tech savvy, had this to say:

"Interesting, but old."

Or, to be more explicit:

"Just a compilation of old reviews. I wish they would update the information a little, the IE6 review was written in 2002 and the Opera review still says it costs $39. None the less, it's still an interesting read."

Indeed, it is an interesting read. Especially for the non-savvy user. Some people are unfamiliar with any browser besides the one that comes pre-loaded on their PC (Internet Explorer 6). In fact, some people have never heard of Opera, hence they'd never know that it is now in fact FREE!

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